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Steering wheel stereo controls?!?!

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For anyone who has changed their stock to after market head unit and lost the use of the steering wheel controls.....GOOD NEWS. We (at Mobile Audio) just ordered a product by Periferal Audio that let's you retain the use of these controls. I'll post again after we install it to let you know how it works!!:D
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Those all have something to do with having a remote reciever, right? Well this one doesn't use the remote reciever eye. Thanks those threads were definately informative for me.

I am definitely interested. The main reason I've kept the stock head unit is that I want to keep the steering wheel controls [I know, I know it's pretty asinine but it's a luxury car, damn it!:)]
The main reason I'm so interested in it, is I can't count how many times I've almost hit something or someone because I'm looking down at the stereo.
I don't look at my stereo though when I adjust the volume. Don't you guys just get used to where the volume knob and track selection button is, to the point that you don't even need to look at them?!?!
I have to be sure I'm not maxing it out because mine is so clear I can't tell if I'm all the way up...I just don't want it that high! And I generally change the headunit out every couple months. So by the time I know it, it's time for a new one.
Actually, the Periferal Audio one you speak of is the one most of us were talking about. It has been available in the States for a few years now. Lighting Audio was the first to offer this type of device about 3 years ago, and Perireral Audio release one soon after. Thruthfully, I think they might actually be made by the same vendor, and just sold under different names, as they all work the same.
All right maybe someone can offer me some insight here. I installed this on my old coupe and used two head units with it. I had a Sony (forgot model# but it had two faces) and then installed it with an alpine CVA-1005. Now with both head units on my old coupe I noticed that it wouldn't always respond to the commands as I press the correct buttons. I thought this was due to a bad switch, so I never bothered. Now I got a new coupe and I know the switch is good because the Bose head unit responded well to the commands, now when I hook up the PAC controller, it was working correctly when I installed it. Later that night when I started to use it, I notice the volume controls don't respond as well as the next track control. What gives?? Should I use one of the resisters packaged with this thing? Thanks guys --=Keith
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