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Stereo & Car Lighter Stop Working

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After having the car for over 3 years the stereo and car lighter have stopped working on my Honda Legend 98 3.5RL

The stereo was emitting a BEEP sound only when using the radio ( not CD or TAPE ) for a good 2 months on and off beforehand...

I have a feeling its related to the stereo stopping working - but cant seem to find any error codes for the stereo or otherwise that indicate what that beeping meant...

SO I'm stuck with having a stereo that does not work ...or the car lighter ...

I have checked the correct fuses - at least i think i have ( any help on that is appreciated ) but need to know how and what to trouble shoot next without taking it in to a dealer for something so trivial and the stereo itself was trying to warn me about with its little beeps !

Hope this makes sense and thanks for your time :)

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Check the interior light fuse under the hood (driver side). I had the same problem a while ago.
Check both under the hood and the fuse box in the drivers comapartment

When you have a burnt fuse check both under the hood and the fuse box in the drivers compartment. And sometimes it can be more than one fuse. I recently had some of the dash lights go out and I found a burnt fuse in the fuse box near the pedals which I promptly changed. But the lights didn't come back on. Then I found another burnt fuse under the hood. After I replaced the second one the lights came back on.
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