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Stock alarm going crazy

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Ok my stock alarm just likes to go off when it feels like it. For example today i lock my car go inside my shop at work and like 5 min later it goes off. I go shut it off, lock my car again and again 5 min later it happens again i'm like damn. Today is the only time it has done it to me twice in a row usually it goes off and i go shut it off and it stays off. No matter if i set the alarm again or not. Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem or what causes it thanx.
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you need to replace the door lock actuator
Do You mean the door lock cylinder??? Where you put the key in???
to do a quick fix to stop it from arming

pop ur hood behind the bar u will feel a wire, this is the hood open sensor or something there will be a plug unplug this and take a paperclip and bend like 3-4 cm of a peice of it into a U and insert it into the plug, it stops the alarm from arming
ya i'll probably do that since i to have a aftermarket alarm anyway, i just don't arm my aftermarket one at work cuz alot of heavy diesel's drive by all the time and set it off. so i just lock it with the key, but my stock alarm is being stupid. Thanks guys
also check the door sensors... mine was loose and the door sensor would turn on and set the alarm off..
where are the door sensor?
I can almost guarantee you that you have a door lock actuator going out. The is the motor that moves the door lock. One of the first signs of them failing is for the OEM alarm to go off at odd times. The paperclip trick will work to not let the OEM alarm enable. Basically it thinks your hood is open so it will not arm. It works, but sooner or later that lock motor will start acting up and you will have to replace the actuator. I hope you are luckier that others I have seen with this problem and no way to open the door.
you can disconnect the actuator in the driver door. all your others will open with the remote'd have to unlock and lock the driver door with the key. and your alarm will still work too.
nismo_240 said:
where are the door sensor?
sorry... wrong terminology... its the door trigger... on each door, the rubber trigger that shows doors opened and closed... check those..
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