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stock springs and koni's?

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i do not want to lower my legend, but i know i need new springs and shocks. so i want to buy the koni's and stock springs. any idea where to get the stock springs for a good price? also, where is the best place to get the koni's?
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I would look for the springs in a junk yard, or from someone that lowered their car with aftermarket springs b/c who knows maybe they still have em and maybe want to sell em. I don't know what model Legend and year you have, but if you dont have the LS Coupe or the GS Sedan I would try and find springs from one of them to give you the same stock height but to give you a little more performance.

But the Koni's are a nice shot b/c even though they aren't adjustable like the good one's with the adjustment knob on top, but on their website Koni says you CAN make it a little more stiff or soft by messing with the valving by turning the bottom half of the shock, but it has to be disconnected at the bottom in order to do this :( but at least it IS adjustable in some fashion. I just wish Tokico or someone else would make a real adjustable shock for this ride. Maybe its available in Japan or something, I wish I knew. I really want to put a set of adjustable shocks on my 94' GS Legend sometime after I take delivery of it.

Good luck and pls be sure to let us, or at least me, what you find out and how things end up!
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My car is a 1991 Legend L sedan. how much should i pay for a set of GS or LS stock springs? a couple of people have offer me those, but i do not know what a fair price is. let me know.
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