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Strange heater vent behavior

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Hey guys...Killer site!

1st question (of likely many as the car had been sitting for about 5 years).

I just had a clutch job done and cleaned her up for the Turkey day run ('bout 200 miles to get used to her again).

When I turned on the heat (manually to 90, full fan, vent and floor setting) the floor vents were kicking out warm as were the door vents for the windows. The dash vents were blowing cold air even after an hour of driving. I switched it through all the other options (floor, floor defogger etc etc) and returned it to the floor/vent position to have the same occurance. I also swapped between fresh air & recirculate to no avail..

It's f'n cold out and I'd like to deal w/ this issue ASAP. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance guys.

PS If it's pertinent, the defroster vents also blow plenty warm. And, the coolant level looks good in the resevoir.
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Two things: the center dash vent lever should be in the "down" position to prevent cool air from entering the passenger compartment; however, if the lever on the fresh-air vent on the left end of the dash is in the "open" position (lever to the right) you will still get cool outside air coming into the car.

If changing these vent lever positions doesn't make a difference, then you have a problem with the vent flaps at the other end of the lever control cables.

Do you have an owner's manual explains the various heating / venting options.
I was guessing that the 'down' position would close off the outside air (or whichever way wasn't the blue one). It does have the climate control option but I was bypassing that and doing everything manually.

Some jackass broke into the car and stole my CD changer AND the owners manual for some dumb reason...uggh.

Anyone ever had sticky dash vent flapper issue? Is it a tough thing to deal with?

Thanks for the reply.
yes, the "down" position on the centre vent does close-off the outside air ..however ONLY if the vent on the driver's side of the dash is in the "closed" position as well.
hmmm...I'm going out for a bit...I'll test that. I wasn't guessing that there was an order of things. One of those instances where the owners manual would come in handy.

digger's right on everything he said !!!!!!!!!.If you need an owner's manual...... check Ebay......they do pop up !!!!!
That worked perfectly...thx for the tip.
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