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Strut help

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Well for the past couple months I noticed the front driver side was lower than the passenger side, so thinking it was just a bum spring so I began working on it. When I got the tire off I immediately noticed the (not sure what its called) fork that the strut sits in had slid up the strut about 1.5in or so. I took the strut out and removed the fork but there is a bracket that sits directly above the fork on the strut that has 2 things coming off to hold the brake line from the car.

From here you can see the bracket that holds the brake line and below it you can see how much it and the fork slid up.

I dont know if I need to get that bracket back down to where is was or not. My only concern is that if i dont move this bracket down the strut, the fork will not stay where I put it on the strut. Im not sure if this braket is suppose to double as support for the fork to not slid up the strut when i hit a bump.

I would like to know how to prevent this problem from happening again any help will be apreciated.

Side note: I don't know if this has anything to do with this problem but on the strut where the fork and all this was it looked like there was an explosion of grease.
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looks like your fork wasnt torque down right thats all. yea move bracket back down and find torque specs and torque it down.
Do you have any idea how i can get that down? I use pb blaster and tried to hammer it down. that didn't work so i tried heating up that bracket and hammering it down but it seem to REALLLY be stuck on there. Any advise?
woooo dont put heat to a strut or near it ever! you make have to take it to a shop and have them do it.
Here is the Online Manual with diagrams of how the front suspension is suppose to be setup. That part where the brake line are screwed in on the shock is supposed to be welded and not moving like yours. Replace with a new shock ASAP and like Willy said torque down the bolt that is attached to the fork on the rear side to correct the spec and you should be good.

Alright sweet thanks man. I just got that bracket off, just took a little more pb and A LOT more hammering on either side of it. I appreciate the help!
no problem at all
umm well 1 more question :)

the last picture on his first post. I have it pulled out like that, no further. im trying to push this back in and it just wont go. Im worried i might have pulled the inner axle from the halfshaft. I dont know if it would have popped or anything but it didnt do anything weird like that. It simply pulled out. i cant see it grabbing or catching on anything so i have no idea why it wont go back in.
When you say "it just wont go" what exactly are you trying to do? The reason I am asking this is that this past weekend I just replaced my front and rear suspension with lowering springs, shocks and struts and I am not sure where you are stuck at? Give more details so we can help you out. How bout a video?

i will try to explain this as best i can (im not a mechanic lol)

Simply i am trying to get the blue (i believe is the upper control arm) to where it screws in near the top of the spring (the green dots) but when i push the control arm inward to try and get it where it needs, it wont even get close.

From what i see when i push it in, the only moving part that would stop it from moving is the axle (yellow) no idea if this need to be mentioned but the car is in park and i can still turn the rotor.

I do have the strut bolted at the top and bottom. The red is the "fork" "wishbone" what ever you want to call it.

I have no idea why the control arm wont go back up to where it needs to be. Keep in mind i have never done this before so if its something really simple please dont make me feel dumb ha ha.
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Did you get this resolved? If not than you will have to remove the shock first before trying to push the control arm back in place. When I replace my shock and springs, I did not take everything apart like you did so it was easier to put everything back. Check the procedures in the online manual as it may give hints on how to put the control arm back in place.
I thought about that last night and didn't try to do it because I figured I would do that and get the control arm back but get stuck when I would have to connect the strut to the knuckle. If I take the strut off the knuckle and get the control arm back where it needs to be how will I go about getting the strut up enough to line up the holes at the bottom? I don't have spring compressor any more.
It should not be a problem with lining up of the holes at the bottom. It will require you to push down on the whole assembly so you will have enough room to put the shock in the hole at the bottom (you will need help while pushing down and aligning the shock). That's what I had to do when I did my install of the new springs and shocks.

No spring compressor needed...
Man I can not get this damn knuckle to go in. I tried taking the bolt out of the bottom of the strut and it did not change anything simply because the problem isnt getting the assembly to go up and down its just getting it to move inward towards the car. By inward I mean me putting my hand on the ball joint of the control arm and pushing in.

That is as far as i can get the rotor/knuckle/control arm assembly to go inward. I put the strut back on just because I can put a jack under the knuckle to get it all up where it needs to be. When I try to push the knuckle/control arm inward the only thing i see that would be able to stop it from going in more is the axle. I got under the car to see if the axle had been pulled out of the diff. but, from what i can tell, it hasn't

I have tried moving it all left, right, up, and down. It freely moves everywhere besides in.... where it needs to be.

EDIT: i noticed both inner cv boots had small tears so I thought ehh might as well feel around in there a bit. Well, the side I am having a problem with is different, so i think i might have pulled the axle out of the cv joint. I dont know how to explain how its different but i can try.... on the other side i can feel were the shaft goes in the boot and once i can tell my finger is right where the boot would meet the diff. i can feel things around the shaft. on the problematic side i can feel the things that around around the shaft are more in the center of the boot instead of more toward the center where the boot meets the diff. im thinking this HAS to be what keeping me from being able to push the control arm in.
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I believed you found the culprit of why it is not going in. I hope you get it resolved...
do you have any idea how to get it back in there? is it going to just be a twist and push or will i have to remove the axle and do it like that?
I have not replaced an axle for my Legends so I cannot comment about the reassembly. If it has come out of the ball joint than there might be only one way to resolve the issue and that is to find out what is preventing it from going back to its original position which you have already figure out. You may have to remove a few of the other suspension components (I am not sure which components) in order to get it back to where it suppose to go. I will do some research tomorrow and see if I have an answer for you...
I really really appreciate the help but I just got it all back together! so happy that i got this done! there are 3 prongs that come from the axle. 3 bearings sit on them. i had to line all this up with the holes that were in the cv housing. no clue if that explains anything. I just wanted to thank you for you time, energy, and help.
I really really appreciate the help but I just got it all back together! so happy that i got this done! there are 3 prongs that come from the axle. 3 bearings sit on them. i had to line all this up with the holes that were in the cv housing. no clue if that explains anything. I just wanted to thank you for you time, energy, and help.
Dude I am just glad that you were able to put it back all together... Now you know what to do the next time you have to mess around with the suspension. Glad to know that I have been helpful...:giggle:

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