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stumped with check engine light

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Now where to check?

When i consistenly run 3k rpms (about 15 minutes or so) and let off the gas the check engine light comes on. It doesn't come on in city driving; I'm assuming the stop and go. I know the light is usually emission related 90% of the time. It is not a 'hard set' as the light always goes off when the car is turned off and restarted. I've taken it to the mechanic but he couldn't get it to "flash" for the problem (light was on and I left the car running). I cleaned the egr valve and tubing running to the intake. It was pretty plugged up. It def runs smother, but the light still comes on.

When I had it emission tested a few months ago; they said they had to do it 3 times because they couldn't get a reading the first 2 times. Thats why I was thinking maybe the egr. It passed btw.

I have a 91 with a jdm engine and transmission installed (about 600 miles since it has been in the car). I have an aftermarket air intake (cheapy off of ebay; I bought it for my 94 but the tubes weren't the right size, but works in the 91), I was thinking this might be the culprit???, but the oem air box is 500miles away in my storage building....

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
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The first thing the you need to do is retrieve the code:

G2: DIY: Diagnosis: Pulling Codes - LegendWiki
G2: FAQ: Error Codes And Definitions - LegendWiki

This is the only way to know for sure what the issue is. (our car has onboard diagnostic system so no need to go to a mechanic.)

The not having the oem components has nothing to do with the CEL.
Thank you!!! I will defintely try to check the code(s) tomorrow, and let you know the result.

Does the check engine light need to be on for it to read correctly or is it stored in memory? Only reason I was asking was because the mechanic that I had check it for me said the light had to be on.

Thanks again
The code is stored until it is cleared.
Error code 17, vss. I knew I needed the vss sensor done, but i never dreamed it would trip the check engine light...
Yeah the d4 has always flashed, but I thought that was all it did. Thanks for all the help, and I won't bump this thread any longer!!
It's cool, to keep it going to the issue is resolved.
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