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Stupid Freaken Brakes

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I was just driving home and my brake pedal started going almost all the way to the floor and my braking was almost gone. When I got home I checked the fluid-looks good. My dad started reading the manual for my described syptoms and it looks like some stupid circuit thing is dead. I am so angry!!!-I need my car every day. With this holiday I can't get it to Acura untill Tuesday. :mad:

Any idea how much this will cost me.

:mad: :mad:
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I really don't care how much it will cost-I just want it fixed.

Leon, if it is what you say it is-how long does that take to fix?

****ed Legends. That happens to all of 'em it sounds like. *Mine included*
I have this problem too, I'm going to be replacing it sometime next week hopefully. I'm going to do my whole brake system though at that time. New rotors, pads, and mb cylinder.
yeah same problem with me last year. It is probably the master cylinder. I would just go ahead and order it from Don't buy Alder...instead get Nippon. Once you get the parts, it should then be easy to replace yourself and then bleed the system after installation.
95LSTypeII said:
****ed Legends. That happens to all of 'em it sounds like. *Mine included*
You'd be happy to hear it happens with all Honda/Acura cars, and most other imports as well. Master cylinders are almost considered wear and tear items. Some last longer than others, but I'd expect about 75K miles out of them on average.
It's Exactly the Master Cylinder. I bought my Ack in this condition (Mushy pedal, slowly drops to the floor) mine was $130 It takes only about 30 minutes to replace. Got mine replaced for 25 bucks :D because of its simplicity with mechanics.
Thanks for all of your responses. A few of you talked about doing it yourselves, but under the hood of a car is a foreign place to me. I don't do any brake or engine work myself, but I am really good at detailing-does that redeam me! :) I am calling Acura first thing Tuesday morning (Unless they are open Memorial Day-I don't think so but it is worth a call in the morning.) Has anyone had this fixed at Acura? How much at Acura and how Long? I am just curious-I have a very busy schedule. Hopefully it will not take too long, but if necessary my mom just told me I can have her car Tuesday and Wednesday if necessary-at least she has a Legend also. :)
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