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heres shorter version for people that dont want to read:
Crappy shop took too long on install messed up on axle install had to zip tie to compress it back...
and then reversed the springs on my ground control suspension Rear in FRONT and Front springs in rear
car is too low
what settings does it need to be at equal to stock height ?
where can i find online koni for best price?
what should i do?

i got my own suspension problems
i bought my coupe at 160k miles with blown shocks and brakes
i bought used koni shocks from a member and the previous owner gave me some eibach coilovers
i got a shop to install it
the shop's name is azn motorsports in Vallejo CA
i had to go to LA the next day so i decided to get them installed and also to get my cv axles done they charged me 475 for the whole job
but they told me they would have it done in like 2-3 hrs they had 2-3 employees workin and a lift and tools
so i called my friend and we went ate some lunch for 2 hours and get back they are drinkin starbucks and eatin donuts and they barely did NOTHING
but imma fast forward to the end result
while the guy was installing the cv axle on the driver side it uncompressed and he had to use a zip tie...
and they reversed my springs
the fronts in the rear and the rears in the front
at the time the car was soooo low that they could not get it off the lift and had to jack it
even though i knew after seeing how long they were taking and told them not to do the rears yet they did it anyway and had me waiting there for a total of 10hrs i got out of there at 11:30 at night and left for LA
so since my car was so low one of my friends taking my car out drove over some speed bumps they hit the exhaust and caused a leak into the pipe
I thought it was the exhaust manifold but after driving like 15k miles i finally had the money to do the headgaskets and stuff because i thought to get the manifold out i had to take the heads off
but I had the mechanic weld the pipe and that fixed that problem
but my ride was still ed up they raised it to the highest position but its still too low
and the ride would shoot me in the air if i hit a bump at 70mph on the freeway
so after a couple people told me my springs are reversed while doing an oil change wrote down the numbers and called ground control and they said yes it is reversed
what should i do now?
i feel a vibration sometimes coming from the driverside axle is that zip tie bad? should i have them redo that also
and will my shocks be bad now that my car has 206,000 so i drove like that for at least 40k miles
HORRIBLE STORY sorry for being so long

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yah mayn it really screwed up my car the ride is horrible the guy said yah he will do it but didnt believe the springs were on backwards
and if he did switch and it fixed the problem he wouldnt charge me
but he said some bull that the car would sit even lower...
im thinkin to myself they dont designate the springs to the front and rear just for the hell of it and the rears is as high as it can be its not right
Thanks guys
whats a good website to order koni's from?
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