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suspension problem?

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Ok guys I got a frustrating problem(similar with octanes):

I received my H&R's and Konis, whent to the mechanic and proceded with instalation, When he put the first shock and spring(Koni/H&R) on the right front passenger side, the car actualy sat higher than stock(total of 8 finger gaps)???, so we then put just the spring(H&R) with the stock shock and the car droped a good 1.5 inches from stock. I cant understand this,

I received the Konis/H&R's from the group buy, do you guys think they sent the wrong shocks?, they are red!

and now I'm thinking that he put the spring upsidedown the first time as someone suggested,

can someone please help??
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and when I said "they sent me the wrong shocks" I meant the FACTORY because thats where they came from.
Check the perch, it might have been put on upside down, not the srping.
can you please explain a litte further blklegend?
Hey AEK123

did you ever get this resolved? Just curious. 8 finger gap. WOW. let us know what happened.
no not yet, going on thursday to a specialty shop that do these kind of things, and this time I'm going to cut the bump stops at least in half and put it on the lowest setting perch, and also let the springs settle as someone suggested, this should probably do it I hope!! :(
Wow, 8 fingers. Rally project??? j/k. Check the spring pearch.
Ok guys everything is fine, It turned out the original mechanic did not know what #[email protected]%$ he was doing!, took it to a specialist and bingo,

I ended up cuting the bump stops in half and putting on the lowest setting for the Konis, although I think its too low in the front so I will be raising it up one. thanks for all the suggestions guys, later!
Wow, any mechanic should have been able to figure it out. I had pretty much never done anything with my car except add intake and I figured out pretty much completely on my own how to do the suspension :rolleyes:
See, your forgetting I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, people out here are idiots, there aren't enough good mechanics to go around:D
So was your perch upside down? I have the same problem, but no money to pay anyone to fix it. :(
No I don't think so LEGENDZ, but I just think the first mechanic didn't put the coil and shock together correctly, and also the first time I didn't cut the bump stop, so that might have made the difference, can you explain your setup and problem a little further LEGENDZ?
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