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Suspension Problems

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Hey guys,

I need your help solving a problem that I have with my 91 Legend coupe. I just installed some koni struts and eibach springs on my car lowering it aout 1.3 inches. since I've done that, I'm hearing a clunking noises from my front suspensions evry time I go over a speed bump or a bumpy road.

My mechanic who installed it is not usre what's causing that problem. I had him do it over,but I'm still having the same problem.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :confused:
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Just to clarify, These are Brand New Koni right?
yes they are! New konies and eibach springs and camber kit
Check the camber kit .. Make sure the bolts are TIGHT and to the right torque, because if they're slightly loose, you'll hear a clunking noise. I've expereience it before and when I tightened the bolts to the correct torque, the problem went away.

I have GC's and Koni's, so my setup is a little different than yours, but it could be the same problem.


I'll check on that and let you know how it works out


make sure the top screw is tight the one at the top of the strut. Or is it an axle cluncling noise?
I'm having this exact same problem, yet my set-up is a little different (no camber kit, eibach, and bilstein HD).

I've been having a clunking noise with rough roads and harsh bumps too. I've been told it could be my control arms hitting the tops of my wheel this the problem and how could I fix it?
I'm not too sure if the noise is coming form the axle or what, but it was not doing it before with the stock suspension. I also had to replace the wheel rack on my car and at the same time I did the suspension. Most of the clunking noise seem to come from the left front.
i have that same problem!! I just had my axle replaced a last week also. I really dont know what it is i mean i checked to make sure the strut didnt go down through the control arm because alot of them do that if you dont put the koni on right but thats not it. It does it when my foot is not on the gas and im at 1,000 RPM its weird but i dono. Im getting my rear tranny mount replaced soon i will let you know if it helps anything.
Did you have your bumpstops cut? I'm sure I know what your issue is. I had mine installed about a month ago and they didn't cut the bumpstops. I would hear this clunk when I went over big bumps and some other times when the suspension compressed. I took it back to the shop and had the bumpstops cut and now the clunk is gone :D.
thanks for your response, you were correct it was the camber bolts. the bolt kept getting loose for some reason, I had to order a new camber kit.

thanks guys!!!!!
i know this is a stupid question...

Can I ask why this worked, and shoud I have all four corners cut?

I guess by cutting the bump stops, you're giving the spring more area to compress and expand. I thought bumpstops were supposed to prevent the spring from fully compressing (or is the shock)?
Well what you have with the full uncut bumpstops is that they are too long and they really restrict the strut travel. Think about it, you've lowered 1.5 - 2" thereby decreasing strut travel by 1.5 - 2". If you leave the bumpstops uncut, then the strut will not have as much travel as it did before. When you cut the bumpstop, this compensates for the lowering or strut travel. When you cut the bumpstop in half, it is only like 2", thereby compensating :D. Did I make sense?
I think I've got it...

Uhhhh...I think so. But since the strut is carring a spring that lets the car sit 1.25 inches lower, the amount of travel room is then affected by the spring (by sitting lower with a smaller spring than stock). So, I would assume cutting the bumpstop would make the car sit even lower, and not really affect the actual strut movement. Anyway, I think I'll try this if others have solved the clanking problem by cutting the bumpstops. I'm just confused on how it works (like where the heck is the clanking noise comming from).

-i just reread what you typed, and i think you're saying if you leave the STOCK springs on the strut, you should leave the bump stops alone. But if you're using shorter (lowering) springs, cut the sprigs aprox. by how much you've lowered the car, right?

thanks for the help man, keep it comming!:D :D :D
Re: I think I've got it...

legendHI said:

-i just reread what you typed, and i think you're saying if you leave the STOCK springs on the strut, you should leave the bump stops alone. But if you're using shorter (lowering) springs, cut the sprigs aprox. by how much you've lowered the car, right?

thanks for the help man, keep it comming!:D :D :D
Yep, if you leave the stockies on their, leave your bumpstops alone, but if you use lowering springs, cut the bumpstop. Most cut them in half, some cut them more. Mine are cut in half which is approximately 2".

Cutting the bumpstops will not lower the car anymore. All a bumpstop is is a sleeve that sits over the piston arm of the strut. This piece makes it so that the strut will not completely "bottom out" on the strut. However, if the piece is sooo large that it doesn't allow the strut to compress any, then the net result is bottoming out sooner (i.e. it bottoms out on the bumpstop). If you cut the bumpstop, it will allow the strut to move a longer distance, thereby giving you more suspension travel :)...does that make sense?
Okay, that definetly makes sense now. A couple of details though- I'm using Bilstein HD shocks which come with their own bumpstops. The manual says the G1 legend doesn't need them cut (I'm assuming this means with OEM springs, right?). These bilsteins are matched with Eibach springs that drop the car by 1.25".

SO (thank you so much for helping me on this), cutting the Bilstein bumpstops will get rid of the noise. Right? And...this would require removing the entire assembly, cutting the b stop, putting back together, and a new alignment. Oh boy. Please tell me I don't have to take it all apart again and get a new alignment....
So are you saying you have the noise now? if yes, then you'll need to cut the bumpstop. The bumpstop can be removed off of the strut when you take it all apart. Another alternative is to check all the bolts to make sure they are tight. If not then tighten them up and then see. If you take it all apart, then yes you will have to get it realigned.
Okay, looks like I'll take care of this when replacing all the bushings to polyutherane. I'll try to make it with my noisy front end until then and take it easy over harsh bumps n' roads.

Thanks for all your help, SUSHILICIOUS, btw i like your hella nice legend:D
No problem LegendHI. Thanks for the comments :D. I'm not all done yet. Next in line, I'm getting a strut bar from the MLS imitation group buy, then I guess I'm going to go ahead and do an ImportToys intake. Then Brembo's, then HID's :D.
it depends how much room is inbetween your springs coils really i mean you might be able to get it out somehow if you had a sharp knife or something just cut away little pieces at a time ha. I dono im just trying to help you out. Good luck.

Also lube up all the joints when u put them back together they can squeek sometimes.

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