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Suspension Question - Pt 1

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question for CakeDaddy

On a different post you stated:
"You can adjust to offset the uneven look (higher on one side) you normally get with HR's or Eibachs", well I sort of have this problem I have the Koni/H&R setup and on the front right side there is a 1 1/2 finger gap and on the front left there is a 1/2 finger gap what do you mean by your statement??
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Oh yea sorry, anyone else with my problem
Mr.Leon is correct, I was talking about the GC's. After talking to SpeedDemon,Leon, and other members on the board that stated that they notice an unven look with the HR&Eiback. So, I asked the question to Leon I believe and he stated that the GC's would help in correcting the uneveness since the GC setup is adjustable.
But, unfortunately that is an entirely different setup thatn what you have. You'd need to purchase the whole (GC-Eibach) and Koni's. May not be work it since you've already invested in the HR/Koni. I know of only two members with the GC's. I believe its SammyD & Sounds like they are happy with the setup.

Here is the thread on that subject.
Thanks CakeDaddy, :D

I have to look for CODY690 now because he said something about the spring being upsidedown on his.

I don't have any complains about my suspension I actually love it, and if I don't get this problem figured out well its ok because this way I can have split personalitys, if one day I feel like having a slamed look I will drive on the right lane, if I feel like a conservative look I will drive on the left :D :D :D
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