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Symptoms of a blown Koni?

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One of my front Konis looks like it has some oily coating on it that extends about half way down it (or 2-3 inches past where the spring seat is located). The front of my car rides hard but it always has. Im not sure if it seems to dive more on that side (Driver) when I corner hard, and its hard to tell if its bouncy or floaty b/c I have H&Rs as well. I was about to put it in the shop to have the shocks set firmer, as well as get an alignment (A-arms hitting inner fenders pretty good as of now -- gotta love that Ingalls kit), so its gonna piss me off if I've got to send off the shock and wait for another, or however the exchange system works.
Any opinions or advice are welcome.
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no replies, only views?
Little help please....
Only thing i can say is, in general : if a strut is blown...then there will be more bounce after you hit a dip. Esp with lowering springs (your H&Rs) because they're stiff springs and need a strong strut to dampen them
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