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Shaar said:
too plain/simple for my taste but would get the job done! :D

also the black background would make it nearly impossible to use in the day, but that is easily fixed by changing the background. my $0.02
This is the new app from apple called FrontRow....its kind of their answer to Microsofts Media PC...It works with an apple remote...or with a bluetooth phone as a remote. It automaticly accesses all your media with an ipod type interface. Too bad it is only available on the new iMac (for now, altho ive seen cracked versions already surface) One touch access to all you info with a really simple remote would be easy for when you're driving. I would love to try it with a mac mini.

I like it because it shows album art, song info and super smooth transitions between menus.

Check it out
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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