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Telescope steering wheel

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I'm just wondering, who keep their on?
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What if you had a totaled 94 95 can't you just remove the whole dash and put it in the 91-93 wouldn't the harness in the 95-95 fit with a whole new dash or do you need to rewire the engine ecu ect.
key compantants you'll need for the retrofit, entire column. Column support beam (its the part that runs under the dash and holds it up and its what the column).

You can just wire up the motors directly to the switch with a couple of relays. U'll loose the memory features and the feature were it moves in when u put the key in/out. else you have to get the module from behind the back seat and rewiring EVERYTHING because the modules are different.

also u'll need the lower dash panel under the steering column.
i got a quick question bout the telescopic wheel on my 95' Legend coupe(type II).when i take tha key out it beaps about 10 times and adjusts in and up like its supposed to. then when i insert the key it doesnt memory adjust like its supposed to. Ever heard of any of these problems?
sounds like a common problm, i think the quick fix for this problem is resetting the system, unplug both terminals from the battery for 5min, just remember that you will NEED the radio code
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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