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Telescope steering wheel

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I'm just wondering, who keep their on?
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misdeismo said:
I assume that this would be pretty complicated to retrofit to a 91-92 legend right?
yeah :( I was going to attempt it but there just way to much work. I think only one person did it succesfully.... and it took him 6 months
Daddymac117 said:
nah...somebody here already tried it when he was doin his GS conversion, and said nothing would fit right. Forgot who it was tho...
That was me :). The entire steering wheel column would bolt up to the main support beam, but no electrical harness's would ever line up.
The telescoping steeringing wheel has a module that remebers how you want your steering wheel when you enter the car. Hooking all that up, rewiring all the electrical would take significant time.
Also I have a strong feeling the joint at the end of the steering column that connects to the steering (where it heads under the car) would have to be greatly modified to fit correctly.
Keep in miind you'll have to:
Remove dashboard
Different Clock spring (to keep it OEM)
The plastic parts that cover the telescoping steering wheel
Ignition to engage the memory of your original tilt
memory box located behind the main support beam
lots of time
other things I can't remember
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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