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At a German tuner overseas.....while 5 execs are mounting their newly purchased novelty German license plates..... suddenly one of them gets a 2 way from the states. ........"oh **** (spilling mocha-cappachino on his BMW Polo shirt), our plan is failing!!!!! tell Smitz to dish the supercharger upgrade!!!! We have to get these things back to the states, and quick!!!!! What????? He already installed them???!!! ****!!!!! Great!!!!!! Now I gotta work "SUPERCHARGERS" into the company budget!!!!!!!!! Tell Peterson HE'S FIRED!!!!!!

(two weeks before.......)

"........welcome aboard Peterson, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here at WorldCom. You will be using the same file sorting techniques as you did over at Enron so things should be easy for you to adjust to. Oh by the way, Next week me and four others from upper management are taking a "business" trip for a few days over seas. It would be favorable if you can work accomodations for our transportations to be shipped as well into the budget as well as "other " expenses.........."

(Peterson) "....i'll get right to it sir."
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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