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Thanks for the help, and I need help again

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I have a 1992 Acura Legend, and thanks to this forum I've been able to replace the main relay and the heater blower motor (and I'm not mechanically inclined). You will never know how much I appreciate this forum.
My new problem is the driver's side front window. It rolled down yesterday, and now nothing (the other windows work fine, from the driver's side master control or their own buttons).
I've checked the fuses in the driver's kick panel, one was bad (#24). I've replaced it three times now, it keeps blowing.
Any help is appreciated, and thanks again,
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Welcome to the forum, I'd start by removing the door panel and disconnecting the window motor. Once disconnected put the #24 fuse in and see if it still blows.

I'd also run power directly to the window motor to see if that's the issue.
As bigboy said, most likely the fuse is blowing because of a short in:

1. Master switch
2. Motor itself
3. Harness between switch and motor
thanks to both of you for the replies, I'll pull the door panel off tomorrow (something else I learned from this site) and poke around. Man, I hope it's not the motor, that looks a bit difficult. Thnaks again, this site quite often saves my butt.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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