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Just got the car back from the Acura dealer; replaced timing belt, water pump and tensioner. Mechanics checked the cam and crank gaskets but no leaks; did not replace. I wanted to send this note to thank the people on this site who gave me such helpful advice as what to replace.

As well, wanted to pass on that for anyone else doing this job in the near future; look into your other belts as well; the power steering and A/C were worn and needed to be replaced.

Finally, a new list of repairs: lower ball joints, a leaky oil pan gasket and o ring cooler leak. "Normal" wear and tear, or signs of doom? The local grease monkeys are $150 cheaper than the Acura boys, so I'm leaning in that direction. Please advise.

A Happy Canadian Legend owner.
90 Legend L
Sedan; A/T
212 K km
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