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Hey guys, so myself and many other members have been plagued with the mystery random steering wheel shimmy ,which many members have insisted is the result of out of balance wheels.Well i FINALLY figured it out today. I put the front wheels up off the ground and had my buddy put it in drive and slightly apply the brake (load it up) while bringing it up to a couple miles an hour.SURE ENOUGH, the engine was swaying back and forth QUITE a bit. The front left and right engine mounts are culprit. In theory,what's happening is that the differential usually biases the power to one side a bit more than the other, creating the imbalance as the power shifts back and forth between sides.This explains why sometimes,when i started out going perfectly straight,it'd be smooth as butter, because centrifugal force was keeping the imbalance in check at speed.
I'm thinking maybe i'll insert poly bushing pieces in there until the new ones show up at some point..but yeah,in a nutshell,try this.My coupe is an automatic BTW.
Good luck!
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