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The Ledgend Lives On

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Hey everyone, I just registered for the forum because I was just GIVEN a Legend.

It belonged to a good friend's family, and needed more work than they cared to put into it, so it was destined for the scrapyard. I asked what he was gonna do with it, and he gave it to me because I help them out with car stuff from time to time.

It's a 93 Legend, with somewhere around 215k miles. It is a running and driving car, but has its issues.

VSS issues,
Ignition switch issues,
Radio doesn't work,
Cig lighter doesnt work,
Needs a right outer tie rod end and upper ball joint,
and I'm gonna slap a timing belt on it.

I plan on replacing the VSS here the beginning of the week, and probably the chassis parts too. I'm gonna get the ignition switch swapped soon, but its not priority #1 as I can make it work yet.

As far as the radio and cigarette lighter, could these be linked? I haven't looked up a wiring diagram yet, but I'm thinking they could be on a common fuse.

As for the timing belt, I have no idea when the last one was done, and I'm just gonna slap one on for some peace of mind.

Just wanted to say HEY!
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If you do t belt do idler pulley and water pump. The cig lighter may be burnt out so you will need to replace that whole unit. Welcome to our family and thanks for rescuing that legend.
Yeah, another Michigan Legend owner. Congratulations. You are going to fall in love with this car. I own two legends and hope I never drive another car, seriously. You've got to appreciate a car completely built in Japan and sent over here by boat. It's a piece of art more than an automobile. Enjoy!
Welcome to the forum, before you go replacing things check the fuses in the under dash panel.
Thanks for the welcomes guys!

I know the previous owners didn't appreciate the car for what it was, but that's what I'm here for :)

Since I got this car for free, my goal is to just see how long I can make it last.

Thanks for the tips, I'm gonna check everything out tonight, and probably replace the VSS and the tie rod end and ball joint. Send it for an alignment tomrrow, and see about the timing belt this weekend. Lookin forward to getting to know this car very well haha.

I'll take some pics and post some for you guys tonight.
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