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An anonymous vandal messed her up pretty bad.
I have to buy a new mirror, chrome trim, plastic pieces and a door.

That same night, the RSX-S that most of you have seen in my pictures was totaled.
It was driven over a curb, plowed over a fence, and flown off a cliff (literally) a few hundred feet from the main road.
Thank God that nobody was hurt.

These are pictures of the Legend:

The RSX-S is now in a tow-yard, while the Legend is back in my garage.
I am upset, so hold your flames back.

This picture was taken a month ago:

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yea, stupid RSX's flip over too easily.........

i slid mine out, hit a curb, flipped a few times, ended up on the passenger side....and it was a total also. Luckily, it was on the turn going into the mountain, so i hit the side of the mountain, instead of falling off the mountain. luckily i came out unhurt, even with no airbags deployed.

and if you ever find out who messed up your legend, i'll help you get back at em', since im in the OC as well

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Sorry to see that happen. You should be able to just change the skin for the door (based on the pictures looks like its only the outer portion is damaged). What alarm system are you running? Hope you get it fixed soon and the police are able to catch those responsible.

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Hey man,

As long as no one was hurt, it's all good. Karma has a way of settling things, y'know?

How did the RSX get totalled? Who was driving?

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I agree with everyone one else... karma X's two unless you did something to someone and deserved it. if not I hope they get back what's coming to them...
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