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I got ripped off for a fair bit of cash last week and 2 days ago someone hit my car and just drove away.
I lent my sister the car to go to school with while I took her's in for service and when she came home I noticed that my driver rear fender looked funny. I went over to check it out and found that when someone was either backing out or pulling into the parking space beside here they drove into my car causing some major damage.

Basically from the back of the driver door all the way to the reflector (which is broken) the person keep going pushing in the entire fender and shifting the bumper. The fender was touching my FACTORY 15inch wheel how bad the fender is hit.:mad: The sad thing is was that the day before I grinded down my fenders ($60.00, and just maybe .03inches grinded off) and lowered the car the week before that to drop my 18's back on

This is now the 5th time someone has hit my car and drove anyway :confused: :confused: :confused: and I went to the shop and the guy knows how much I hate the "CHEESE" look so he found out that a new rear fender would be around $2000.00 from Acura:eek: so I guess it is staying for now, but atleast he helped me pull the bumper back out and pull the fender as well so it does not look that bad and he even got me the new reflector for next to nothing.

Sorry, had to vent again, just been one of those weeks......
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