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Three amps? excessive, but possible?

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As of now I have a Rockford fosgate 360x2 for my infinity sub and a kenwood 200x2 for my infinity front components, while my rear MB quart 3way 6x9s run off of the deck power alone.

I want to add this 300W 2 channel amp that I came up on and use it for my fronts and move the kenwood to my rear 6x9s... I know how I would install it all, thats pretty straightforward. However, would I run into problems with battery power draining etc? RMS on these amps is obviously lower than what I mentioned above... any opinions?
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You could use as many amps as you want with "300 WATTS" output. That is not what you are really looking for when asking yourself about power loss. You have to find out how much amperage are your amplifers drawing.
i.e. I have 2 Lanzar amps(one 50watts rms & one is 100watt rms, may not seem like a lot, but if you put them up to any "1000watt" amp today these would make them look like crap) The main and only real problem with them was that each amplifer would draw about 35amps each with no sound coming through. When I turned up the subs it was tested that about 55+amps were being drawn causing my alternator and battery to work VERY hard.

The RF 360a2 are very good amps and will actually put out the power as rated, with very little Amperage. Kenwoods are very "pepy" amps and do give some "juice" with very little amperage drawn as well. If you add a 3 amp and keep with the same type of items you have I would say all you need to add is a 1 farad (maybe 2 farad to be extra safe) capacitor (or also called battery cap)

Good Luck and I hope this helps
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No offense to anyone who uses them but we (Mobile Audio Designs) feel capacitors suck for the most part.. Try to use an additional gel cell or dry cell all the installs we do with multiple amps we add an additional battery stricktly for Audio. But caps used with an additional battery work well.....caps are not designed to solve power problems but just to store power and if you alternator is having trouble supporting the original set up, caps won't help much. The caps are still drawing from the same line of current where as a different battery has it's own line of currnet and our cars can and will support a dual battery set up easily. Give me an email or PM if you need more help.
but the digital caps look cool. =)
looks like a bomb.

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