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Time to fix chattering power lock ?

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I've read the writeup on fixing a chattering power lock solenoid.

How long has this taken people ? I've had the doors apart so that's not bad, but I don't
know about removing the lock solenoid...

Also, are the lock solenoid's the same on the driver and passenger side ? Or are the different and
thus a replacement has to be from the same side ?

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Chattering? Do you mean when you lock your doors and they constantly lock and unlock for about a minute? If so they are not the locks themselves but the bumpers in the locking system. They are cheap and there's a bit ofDIY. All you can do is replace the rubber bumpers with oems or make up custom rubber bumpers of your own.

My 92 sedan has this issue, I have another set of doors I will use to get the rubber bumpers from and a rear window motor.

My car isn't show room so it doesn't concern me when it constantly locks and unlocks. The doors locks never unlock even though it try's.

My temporary fix is to put in my key then lock the doors, then use the key as a bumper by slightly turning the key and holding it there as if I was going to unlock my doors.

Works everytime.
The assemblies are different on each side.
Yes the chattering, as in the rubber stop broke off. This is part of the lock solenoid
unit, correct ? Or part of the general lock setup ?

How long does it take to remove these things from the car ?

Thanks for the note on the polarity of the units.
I did this over the weekend. It took about 30-45mins to remove the lock.
It took about 30 mins to disassemble, fix and reassemble.

I used some windshield washer tubing 5/16" as the replacement rubber.

Then it took about 30 mins to reinstall in the car...
yupp ive done this, hinestky i just used what was left of the bumper and some electric tape to build it up
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