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Time to Go

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I’m an original Legend owner. I bought my 87 G1 Sedan new, and after 260K miles she’s worn out. She won’t pass smog. My guess is she needs a new cat and new fuel injectors. She need a new water pump, leaks oil and Ps fluid, and the oil pan plug us stripped (I’m using an expandable rubber plug). I just can’t put any money into her. She did run pretty well. Transmission was rebuilt 30K ago, second rebuild. The body is in excellent shape, the interior is great except for a few tears in the driver’s seat and some cracked trim. A/C was converted to R134 many years ago and blows cold. I even have a car cover.

I’d rather sell her to someone in the Legend family who can either utilize her parts or is willing to put time and money into her. If no one’s interested she’ll go to a charity or pick your part.

Picture and more detailed description in the for sale section.
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