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What Date For The Meet?

  • March 23, 02

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • March 30, 02

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • April 6, 02

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • April 13, 03

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other Date...(Submit Choice Below)

    Votes: 1 7.1%

Time To Pick A Date For NOR CAL MEET

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Let's get this show on the road
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nor cal meet

I'm going with the 30th purely for selfish reasons!!! I can do the 23rd if need be...I'm looking forward to this so I'll make it happen whenever!:cool:
Im good for March 23 and March 30. But i will be psychologically and physically in a better mood on the 23 than on the 30th! because on April 1, i have to go back to school : (
cna I change my vote?

:rolleyes: Okay, I am going for the 23rd now, definately. This is due to my daughters 1st softball little league game on that Saturday.:D Can I vote twice on the 23rd to counterbalance my vote for the 30th?
I just came back from El dorado hills. I went to a friends house and dropped by Investment Blvd. A very very nice technology district with beautiful scenary all around. Driving past Investment blvd led to a beautiful but dangerous road with nothing but hills and trees.

Here are some pics to encourage u guys to go if some are doubtful. I am very sorry for the slow loads, i couldnt get the size of pics down.
so is this road gonna be closed off for us to race on?
huh? no way! we cant close off that road. its just a nice road to drive on. However, i was told that the entire Investment Blvd area is used for racing at times. I justified that claim when i saw doughnut tread marks and 4-tire marks around many corners
dang i guess i'll leave the racing for Sacramento Raceway

BTW. Anyone going Wednesday? Gets kinda lonely being the only G1 out there today. i might go over spring break to see how it is.

WHERE is everyone!!!! how come no1 is replying!! Are we still having the meet?

Saimerej.. can you get access to that office on Investment blvd? I went there last sat. and its beautiful! perfect place for a meet.
Oh yeah I can get access to the office anytime I need. I am going to finalize it tommorow. The consensus seems to be for the 23rd so I am going to run with that date. We will determine times after I lock it on.

I'll keep you guys posted.

ok cool thanks!
Dv8 put me out to pasture in eliminations tonite
Lets make the meeting spot some where in the bay area. Sac is in the middle of no where I doubt that many will come. NorCal meet have always been aweful been to two or 3 of them I remember the last one I went to there was only 3 of us there, so sad. I don't care what date we agree on but the location is what I worry about. My car has an appointed to be in the shop again soon so I hope I'll get it back with my complete trunk setup before the next meet. Keep me posted
where were the other meets you went to held at?
the last one I attended was Pac Bell park in San Francisco.

I don't much care where, I just want to get together. I'm in SF but will drive to SAC. We've got 8 on the vote count now, I would hope for more for our first meet, but still good response. Why don't we stick with SAC this time and the next one can be in SF?
wow we have 8 already? cool. But i dont know if some of them went up to the N. Pacific meet. Well SF is cool, but we pretty much have a guarenteed place in Investment Blvd. Saimerjei gots the keys to one of the offices, and the scenery is really nice up in El dorado hills. Its really a great place. Also when i was up there last weekend i have not seen so MANY legends in one area! They were G1's too! Doubt they are from the forum, but its still cool!
i was just wondering because you said only 3 people showed up & the meet was in the bay area...mebbe that could be a reason why. I have a G1 friend who is coming that isnt on the board & he's down. even might bring another NOS'd legend
Count me in if I can finish all my works on my car. btw, can anyone hook me up for paint shop? I need to repaint my bumper since the paint are all fell off.

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