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in going to buying a legend tommaro im wondering if theres anything to look for that could be bad about the car. the shape and interior condition is mint but its got 170,000km and no service records....what do you guys think plz help

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To be direct with you, it makes logical sense to go ahead and get the car with your mechanic for the waterpump and timing belt change 400 to 500 range (at least for me with my mech in florida)

The most I have seen a timing belt go unchanged was 104K

Im sure that car had it done at least once withing that 170K if not something is bound to be wearing bad (most likely the waterpump)

For the amount compared to the investment, it just plain worth it to to it right away.

The thing that blows my mind is I have seen belts out of Legends with over 100K on them and they look branny new to me with no cracks for splits (sounds like a shampoo add huh)

If Honda went with the chain, we would not have to worry as much.

Belt should set you back 70 bucks new, also look on ebay for a deal. The waterpump gets worse in price! but its all included in the price. Also check on all your other belts and maybe the Pulley bearing which sometimes goes bad.

Regards, James

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It is very important, that you change your timing belt all 80k -100k Km / Miles.
Don´t be so miserly, to save the bucks on a wrong way.
Otherwise, it happens, that you´ll get an great problem. And then, it will be quite expensive. Straightly expensive !!!

As next, the result will be...
- bended valves
- defective pistons
- an new cyl head ... u.s.w

shortly... you´ll need an new engine !!!
I have no clue, how expensive is a new engine, but needless to say... "Make it right"

Mike / Cologne (Germany)

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As I have posted before....

I ran my 95LS 6spd Coupe up to 130k before doing the timing belt and waterpump - and I agree with James S that the belts will look good - plus the waterpump was functioning well.

I post this information because my vehicle has seen much life in TX - hot and harsh driving conditions. My buddy went in to the dealer and was told he needed his timming belt and water pump replaced at 65 due to the harsh driving conditions - well, **** if Acura didn't hit him up at 125k again. Well, guess what - our cars have seen pratically the same elements in their lifespan.

alegend, tell us a bit more about the car.


If at all possible, bring someone with you - that has been around the block before (aka knows what to look for). I would run a vin through carfax first - then do my best to look in the engine bay and fender wells for signs of any damage repair.

DRIVE THE CAR - carefully pay attention to the temperature guage, any erratic movement of the needle or running ANYWHERE above the halfway mark could mean big trouble.

pull the dipstic after a good drive - check for oil or white froth

run the heat, check for any sweet smells.

run the ac

drive the car and check for any flares when the auto trans shifts or harsh shifting.

There is so much to look for its hard to think up of them all. I wish you the best of luck and pay attention to your gut instinct!

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