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Timing Belt Parts

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Greetings all,

I'm about to get the timing belt change done and I was wondering what are the required OEM parts needed. Also, are there any suggestions pertaining to ordering preferences whether online, local auto stores or acura dealership. Thanks.
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The gates kit from napa is good quality
So are these the parts that I need or are some of them over kill. Let me know. Thanks.

I compared some of the pricing at which also provides OEM Acura parts.

Timing Belt - 14400-P5A-004
Water Pump - 19200-P5A-004
Balancer Belt - 13440-P5A-004
Compressor Belt - 38920-P5A-004
Alternator Belt - 31110-PY3-A01
Timing Belt Tensioner - 14510-P5A-003
Camshaft Oil Seals - 91213-PY3-004 x (2)
Camshaft Oil Seal - 91212-PY3-003 x (1)
check amazon or jcwhitney.they got some oem parts. i did head gasket on mine. and all of that acept camshaft oil seals.
Great news from last night! My mechanic checked the timing belt and told me that it had already been done. So I can keep my money in my pocket. Yeah buddy! Later.
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