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My car had been sitting in my school lot for the entire day in extremely cold temperatures.

Came back to it at night, started it, and was like, let's check coolant on a whim.

Turned the car off, opened radiator cap.

Definitely not missing any fluid, but fluid was rising towards me, kind of coming up the filler neck slowly. Don't know if thats normal.

I was shining an led flashlight into it and noticed tiny air bubbles, maybe 3 or 4 of them coming to the surface. Probably 1/64th of an inch or smaller, really tiny. Would not have seen them if it was daytime.

Should I bleed the system? If I am worried about this, am I overreacting?

(No temp guage rising, no billowing white smoke, etc.)

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arnach said:
I was hoping you'd reply. Thanks bud, I'm glad to be overreacting.

- No BHG
- Real eggnog
- 5 inches of snow on the ground and counting and nowhere to go.

The worst part is that we'll still have class tomorrow...gotta love State College!
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