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what are everyones suggestions for new all season tires , im looking at the Michelin Pilot XGT V4/Z4 right now anyone have an opion on this?
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roger - take a look at this post: <>. i recomment the bridgestone potenza re950 if you need rain and snow traction, and the re730 if you only need rain traction (both , of course, including dry traction as well). check out the user reviews at on these tires - they have gotten a lot of good comments. personally, i have the re950's, and i absolutely love them. good luck,

I tried the XGT V4’s but had to take them off. The handling was absolutely great, but the ride sucked. I felt every little tiny seam on the freeway. The ultra-high performance tire's ride is too harsh, at least on a coupe. I have a 95 6-speed coupe.

I now have Potenzia 930’s that I really like, and am looking towards the 950’s when these wear out.
can u guys post some pictures of your Bridgestone Potenza RE950 on your car
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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