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I am interested in your cold air intake. I have a few concerns. I am trying to find the best intake for my legend. The best would be the best performing and the best looking. I see that a few other people have posted about selling theirs or about how to make your own intake. How do these compare to yours? Also, are the optional breathers a no cost option? I would not want to have to go buy breather filters on top of a $210 intake system that doesn't include shipping. My e-mail address is [email protected]


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Liaslegend is getting the first production CAI of mine. when he gets it then you can ask him about it.

breathers are optional and shipping is extra.

Lias legend got a deal because he was willing to be the first guy.

All the parts arent cheap.

Wait 2 weeks and lias will post.

PM me with further.

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