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To spring or not to spring? That is my question

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I think I already know the answer but I thought I'd ask anyway. My camber is way off on the rear of my legend. Stock setup. If you replace the shocks do you really need to replace springs as well? I'm short on cash and really can't afford lowering springs plus shocks right now, but I really can't afford to bald the inside of my tires either. Would there be a good chance of correcting my bad camber with just a shock replacement for now? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
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You may have like a bent lower control arm too in the rear. I thought that my suspension was bad in the rear too and that that was why my tires were balding like as if I had negative camber. Once I got the new suspension on though the guy at the alignment shop tells me that my rear right lower control arm was bent so I had to replace that as well. Now everything seems to be all good. He's going to align it this Wednesday, and then I'll get a definite answer.
The rule of thumb is that when the strut or damper needs replacement, you should rebuild the assy. This includes replacing the spring as well as the upper mount at a minimum. Correct repair is to replace every part which is probably already worn or rapidly reaching its service limit. Springs do sag over time.
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