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too late for Mobil 1?

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I have a 1991 Legend L with 71000 miles. is it too late to use Mobil One oil(syn)? i know that in muscle cars if you start using Syn oils after 40000 miles, they start leaking. that is due to the Sync oil cleaning removing build up from the system. Sometimes the Sync oil remove tiny particles of old gaskets and that is why engines start leaking. like i said, for American Muscle cars thatis what happens after 40k miles or so. does anyone know if the same applies to the legends? thank you.
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I don't think so. I started using it when I got the car...anf for every car I have used synthetic when I got them and no leaks..
Just purchased my 3rd Legend - w95K.
The first was new - the second had 53K.

Always used Mobil 1 in the first 2.

This is what I did with #3. Put in 3 qts of Valvoline Maxlife 5/30 and 2 qts Mobil1 10/30. If no leaks in 3000 miles I will go totally Mobil1 10/30.
I bought mine with just under 100K and put Mobil 1 in a week later. I havent had any problems.
why would mobil 1 cause leaks? where would it leak? i just purchased my legend with 86k on it and use mobil 1. should i use something else?
I started mobil 1 5w-30 at close to 80K as well and 60K later no signs of leak or heavier oil consumption. However, the benefits may just be minimal compared to fossil oil unless you run a turbo or redline at every light. I just do because it only cost an extra $70/year and longer drain intervals. As a side benefit, some syn oil do not contain the deposit forming polymers but has friction modifiers that result in hp gain. And never skimp on the filter( avoid the basic fram filter, etc).
i just use the synthetic blend... call it a placebo, but getting best of both worlds... in a way? :rolleyes:
when is it too late to put MOBIL 1?
my car have 142,xxx now...i just had an oil change last week, i was gonna go full synthetic but i didnt know if i should or not so i just went with valvoline 5w30

should i go with full synthetic on my next oil change ??
and what type of oil using fram right now
mYbabYLeGend said:
when is it too late to put MOBIL 1?
Considered this by a syn oil tech warning:
An 8 to 10 year old car(and about 10% of those) may develop leaks after using a syn oil due to its high detergent levels which could loosen up sludge and deposits that would have "protected" these dried and cracked seals & gaskets from oil seeping thru. Or chunks of carbon could come off and block oil passages or scuff up the interior lining. I'm not sure if an oil analysis could uncovered the amount of buildup you have in there. It obviously depends on how the car was maintained up to this point.
I havent put any oil in my car since ive got it. i got an oil change when they were replacing my head gaskets. i was wondering wat i should use since i dont know wat the previous owner had used.
We purchased our 93 with 119k and started using Mobil 1 and haven't had any problems, we are at 131k now. Also, I started using Mobil 1 in our 92 dodge colt at 120k, I'm at 152k and still no leaks at all. I wouldn't hesitate at all.

is moible 1 the best synthetic oil ??? how much is it?
at my store we sell it for very cheap, 1.50
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