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I topped out today at 160 BUT my speedo if off my 10 mph once I hit around 110 and its 5 off from 55-110 so that means I ONLY TOPPED OUT @ 150, I HATE 16's with 40 Profile, TOO **** small, but ****, I wish I was a 6-speed too, I could probably hit 160 I have a 7200 rpm redline but I let off @ 6700 STOCK redline, I was scared that I would throw a rod or something, but the cool part was I went from 110 to 150 in 30 seconds. I guess we really do kick ass on highway, my friend was in my car and here the story...
I got off Sunrise Blvd onto Sawgrass south To I75 South... I went after a Supra TT, lets just say he got me by 10-15 cars from a 45 mph roll, he was mad modded, front mount, exauset, and a Loud ass blow off, he might have been running boost control on stock turbos or one big after market whatever it was he Rapped me...
ne wayz I went after him again and said [email protected] it so my friend said top it out and maybe he'll go if I fly by him at 100. At the top of the overpass Sawgrass to 75 I punch it at 110, it stayed in 4th so I was a little pissed... my friend started the cd player to time it, I didnt know he did this... my friend said holy [email protected] 150 already. I looked down in suprise and was in ahh and saw a little more rev to go... by the time I reached the bridge of indian trace I was at 160... but I know the speedo is off so I know it was 150 (147-153) give or take a little more and he paused the CD player... 30 seconds. I tell you its in the CAI.

Anyone time there exceleration besides the 1/4 mile?

If 15 sec to 90, 110-150 is 30 I say say 90-110 is slow but a little over a minute to top out holy [email protected] thats so fast
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