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Trailer Hitch

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So, yes, I use my Legend as a utilitarian vehicle, not a racer, sorry guys. But has anyone put a type I receiver on their Legend and done any light towing with it? I have racing sailboats (all well under 1,000 lbs) with which I travel and race and would like to use my legend for it. Does anyone know of a decent receiver which simply bolts up? I have not done an exhaustive search but found two that appear to simply bolt on (Draw-Tite and Hidden-Hitch) but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them.
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This my sound like a wierd place to look but, UHAUL support centers can be a good help for you search.
Trailor Hitch

I actually had a trailor hitch on my car when i first bought it, but i removed it shortly after the fact. Right now it's still sitting in my garage. If you like make me an offer, i'll ship it out to you. I can take a pic of it for you to see if you like as well. If your interested you can email me at [email protected].


94 Legend Coupe
Bought a hitch from "Rigid hitch" many (6-8) years ago for my 89ls 5spd but it was a drill through the spare tire well type. Cost $68 and has hauled many thousands of miles with no problem. The g2 cpe one won't fit.
I went through this about 4-5 years ago with my 89 Coupe. I wanted a receiver style hitch, but couldn't find anyone that made one. All I could find was the type that is fixed in place so I ended up going with it.

I believe I had to drill 4 holes through the bottom of the trunk and there were also two bolts that threaded right into a couple of holes in the bottom of the bumper.

Good luck,
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