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The lower control arm bushing (the one almost directly behind the rear jacking point) is Acura part #52384-SD4-Z04 costs about $30. From my experience, it is worth having a local "machine shop" (the kind of place that does industrial bearing and machine work) remove the old bushing, and press in the new one.

And yes, Greylegend is correct: check to make sure the problem is not the upper control arm. In my experience, a bad upper control are will squeak when you bounce the back end of the car up and down ...a bad lower control arm bushing will make a lower-pitched groaning noise. As well, a bad upper control arm will usually cause tire wear. A good way to check where the noise is coming from is the "stethoscope" method: simply use a broom hand (remove the broom) by putting one end against the suspected noise source, and pressing the other end tightly to your ear. Then, have someone rock the car up and down to cause the squeak. You'll hear it plainly enough.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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