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Transferring an alarm from a Buick to an Acura

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Don't laugh but when I used to a drive my piece of **** Buick Skylark I put 2 12's in it and a deck and some tight a-ss mid range. I put an alarm on it to protect the stuff(I could care less about the car!) Anyways the place I went to put a hornet alarm on it. I'm going to pull it out this weekend and put it in my legend (if possible) The hornet alarm has an LED to it but I'm probably just going to splice it into the LED on the driver door. The question is how many wires does the alarm consist of??I know obviously of power and ground but what are the others???/Is it possible to have both the stock and Hornet alarm go off? Thats what I want to have a siren under the hood and the horn going off a 2 o-clock in the morning if someone trys to brake in. Do you think I might be even able to tap into the stock alarm?!!?!? Any ideas would be appreciated!! I'm a patient young man who likes doing things by myself and doing it right. I will disconnect the air bags and hide the alarm brain behind the dash somewhere. The idiot who installed the alarm put the alarm brain in plain view under the hood---Moron! Anything---tips and suggestions would be appreciated!
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I know man!

I know that there are better alarm out there. Heck I would rather have a viper with starter kill, keyless entry, radar detectors, window control and all that other luxurious stuff. The fact of the matter is that the Hornet 720T is all I have!!! Wouldn't it be better to have the hornet and the stock alarm rather than just the stock alarm!?!?!??!I could keep it in there just untill I get more money for my "dream" viper alarm! I didn't mean I would leave it this way if that's how you took it. I just check out the website and they had instructions on installation but then again it is a pain in the ass to go through installing this when I could just wait and get a viper but what makes me want to install it is when I think of added protection!! Just a thought! Is there any place where I can sell this alarm back to them for the purchase of a new one!?!?I bought it like 1year and half ago for a little over a hundred. I don't know I'm kind of if-e on this project!
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