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94 Legend Coupe Type-II 115,000 miles

I will have before and after pics when its done. Should be done within the next month or so. :woot:

But as I said before. It going to be gloss black/blacked out the chrome trim/ blacked out the housing in the headlights and remover amber corner with black housing/ debadged besides rear and front "A" but the will also be blacked out/ blacked out oem grill and "A"/ dark tint all the way around/ from the block back custom exhaust with dual dual tip exhaust with blacked out cans (4 tips total)/ was going to black out the tails but decided to make the amber color matching red/ and debating powder coating black the 06 TL wheels (might look nice the way they are)/ and then I want to slam it (not to much though)/ and either black or red calipers (most likly black) and antenna delete.......

Can you guys picture it in your head?? What you think?

Sorry for the longest on-going sentance know to man...

Then ill be ready for the Colorado meets! :thumbsup:
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