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Transmission reverse and shift issue

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First of all it's an automatic with blinking s3 and ABS comes on soon as I take off to drive and I need not press the button on gear selector or brake pedal to move the lever. Reverse did not work at all before changing the fluid and cleaning solenoids as much as I did.

So today I got to drain and fill tranny fluid (Castrol), added 1pt Seafoam Trans Tune, Wix oil filter and obviously fresh 5w-30. Tomorrow will replace fuel filter with Wix replacement as well as add the Wix magnetic inline transmission filter. If all is returned to normal once solenoid issue is resolved I will begin modernizing everything else such as plugs, wires etc.

Cleaned the shift solenoid a but I'm not sure what is wrong with it as code 7 is still going off, hopefully I can find a used one in good order so I can at least test that this will fix it. I got a resistance reading of 17.5 and 17.9 ohms on shift solenoids and something like 19 ohms on lock-up solenoids and one solenoid on each set sounds fairly weak so I hope I don't have to replace them both.

Took apart the console to check the reverse issue and noticed no blockages, kinks, breaks etc. I followed the cable to the trans and all seems good only cable and it goes directly into the trannsmission. Brake shift lock solenoid (by the shift lever under the console) functions properly and cannot tell what is causing the no brake to shift issue but so long as it is not causing any issues itself I can cope with that, kinda nice not to have to press anything to select gear cept for that one day I'll be driving along and accidentally smack it into reverse or park.

After everything I did it seems to be doing good as I can now slowly reverse and start in 2nd and shift to D, it seems like 2nd and 3rd or 4th are back but it refuses to shift on it's own of course with the TCU and s3 still flashing at me. Reverse now works all the time although only engages around 1500 RPM and really starts to move like it should around 2000 - 2200 RPM so I am really hoping a few more drain and fills or a flush and solenoid resolution will restore this beauty. It is starting to seem a bit more hopeful
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