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Transmission rework

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Anyone knows or has done a transmission swap from a automatic to a manual on a 89 legend sedan?...I would like to know the price and where they got it done in the NY area....
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I looked into this a few years ago and the price was comical, more than the car was worth I think. If you really want a stick there are lots of sedans with them in our area, just an idea!!
yeah i guess but if it's under a thousand i might be able to afford it more then another car, or if i could do it myself it would be better...
tranny swap

I have a 87 legend and want to switch from auto to manual tranny. A mechanic who has done this to his car already will do the switch for me. Only his car sometimes all of a sudden starts to ride rough. He has to turn the key off and back on before it is back into timing. Does anyone know why his car has been doing this since the tranny switch. Thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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