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Try to decide what this is...

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Legend Coupe or Skyline... Look closely.
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thats a Legend...I think it's bad a$$ car
I vote Legend. One thing that is hard to replicate is the side mirrors.

Its a legend but the front copied a Nissian Skyline Front End
It's nice

Where the hell is the trunk?

did they go all the way as to putting in the drivetrain?

I like it, except for the wing...its different....he said bump the tails, I am going all the

Trust me,,,, Those Wings are always on IGNORE. LOL
Straight up.
It looks ok, its just different in a Legendary way. I guess the owner wanted a Skyline so bad that he transformed his Legend into one.
Wow, why not just buy a skyline though ;)
SpeedDemon said:
Wow, why not just buy a skyline though ;)
My point exactly. :cool:
He probably just couldnt pick a legend over a Skyline or a Skyline over a Legend so he just put them together to make one!:) Lets call that car an Acussin LeSky..hehe:D
IT IS A TYPE II LEGEND COUPE FROM HOUSTON, TX. I KNOW OF THE OWNER OF IT. he molded the taillights into the trunk because he said that too many people were doing the r33 taillight conversion, so he wanted to do something different.

The owner has his own shop in the south side. He once made his own wing out of scratch, and he also custom made his old front end. (not the one shown above)

This is the same legend coupe that use to have supra taillights.
the red one with supra light? I love that car i have been waiting for osmeone to do a full skyline conversion to the coupes because the body lines are so much alike. I love the work he did it looks great
Yes, the same one that use to be red with supra taillights and dual-dualed out exhuast.
I give him madd props!!! I would love to get that scoupe for mines.. think he could make me one ?????:rolleyes:
I always said that the Legend was the Skyline's Younger Brother....:D

Damn I want a Skyline 99' is fine w/ me....
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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