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turbo for Legend???

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Anything about this at all????
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There doesn't exist a Turbo for a Legend. Was never made, will never be made. If you have $8000 to spend, I'm sure you could get one fabricated from a custom shop but you would then have an installation issue with your Legend since there is no room for the piping which would cost even more money since you would have to have your entire engine rotated 90 degrees to fit the piping properly... With the amount of money it would cost to get a turbo built and installed, you're better of buying a a new car with a turbo it in already.

It can be done and has been done, And soon will be done again. The quote I got was for 6000.00 total. And this is from a shop that has done more than 3 sucessful turbos on G2's and 2 on G1's. And they didnt need to reposition the engine.
SeaSickLegend , if you don't mind can you tell what's included for $6000? Are you getting forged pistons and other goodies?
there is one available for the G1 Legend, it runs 4000.00 (89 goldrush) has one installed on his legend I believe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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