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Turbo or supercharge?

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I was wondering about adding a turbo or superchager to my legend. And got some comments from my friends that a superchager is better if you dont want to mess up your engine. Is that rite, that a turbo could mess up your engine as a supercharger? which one should i get?
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Turbos tend to add more high end, while SuperCharges tend to add more low end. In my opinion the Legend is lacking in the low end, not the high end.. so Supercharger, should make for a very strong, powerful Legend.
There isn't any, I thought he was just talking in a theoretical sense if he built one, or was thinking of getting one custom made. All have to be custom built, just like WhiteLegend said.

Well there is a Turbo for the G1 Legend, runs like $4000. Adds on according to them 70-80HP. Not for G2s that I know of...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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