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Turn Indicators and brake light all funky weird

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Been having a strange problem crop up lately- ever since my brake lamp light has illuminated, my turning indicator lights flash quickly when I don't have the brake depressed, but when I apply any brake at all, the quicker than usual flashing becomes terribly slow (like one flash every 3 seconds).

Furthermore, when I apply the brake with no indicator on, there is a faint glow in the indicator lights. I have put on the indicator on for my LEFT side, and then walked around the car to see the indicator for the RIGHT side together with the brake light come on faintly and pulse with the indicator.

I had a trailer hitch installed a couple of years ago along with a wiring harness. I noticed that this problem was caused initially by exposed metal from the harness contacting metal in the body inside of the spare tire wheel well in the trunk. I moved the wire so that it no longer touches metal, and while that fixed the problem for a little while, it has persisted and gotten worse now.

Does this sound like a grounding issue, or is there an indicator relay somewhere that I might be able to pull to check?

Any help is much appreciated.


p.s. I've have had to replace my brake lamp light a couple of times since 2006 (the one above the trunk), so I am led to beleive it may be a grounding issue, but I'm just not sure whether this is related at all ...
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It does sound like a ground issue. Might want to make sure that trailer hitch wire isn't doing it again. Behind the tail lights has a box, which I believe is the relay.
Thanks for the heads-up- I will check the connection point for the harness and report back. Might've been a slap-dash installation job that's been causing my brake light to need replacing once every year or two ...
Bingo. Exactly the problem. U-haul nicked a couple of the turn indicator wires during their installation, leaving exposed wires which may have touched each other, which would explain the interplay between my indicator lights and my brake lights.

They also failed to properly secure the grounding screw, beneath which were floating the ground wires. My guess is someone was just too lazy to get a wrench and tightened it by hand. Amazing really that it lasted a year before it became a problem (had the hitch cable re-installed a year ago).

I patched up the wires and secured the screw and the problem has completely gone away, including my *dead* brake lamp in the middle.

Thanks for the heads-up on the location of the indicator relay box in the left rear of the trunk next to the left-hand brake light/turn indicator L4zy415!
glad you figured it out
Glad to be an assistance. I'm guessing they didn't use rubber grommet to cover up the bare metal?
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