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Turn signal bulb replacement and bumper removal???

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Ok, I fell like an idiot, but I need to replace the bulb in my drivers side front turn signal and cant for the life of me figure out how to get it apart. I tried a few things, tried getting at it from inside the wheelwell and tried removeing all the screws I could see (one phillips head inside the engine bay, and one bolt at the bottom behind the bumper cover. Neither of these ways worked. Im sure someone can help me out, there must be something simple I am missing, it can't possibly be this hard to change a damn blinker bulb.

Also, the girl I bought the car from must have been a horrible driver, and must have banged up the bumper pretty well. I just want to remove it the bumper and re-install it to see if I can get it aligned a little better. each end (kinda below the corner lights where its supposed to attach to the fenders) is hanging down about an inch, and there is a 1/4-1/2in gap infront of the passengers side headlight which I think is in the bumper alignment itself, not damage to the headlight bucket. Please help me out, Tim
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according to HELMS, just the philips in the engine bay is what is needed to be pulled. Then you have to work the light slowly and carefully forward (towards the front of the car). There is a clip/guide that is holding it in. Sometimes it's hard to come out but with patience you should be able to get it out.
I have fooled around with it all day, and I cannot get the corner marker out. I was however able to get to it from behind, but that was hard as balls too. And once I got the bulb back in, it fell out, So now I have a bulb rattling around in my corner marker.

Does anyone know how to get the corner marker off? I would love to know.

PS. I promise I'm not an idiot, the Jap engineers just make it so hard.
got it out, now, on to the bumper removal... what do I need to do for that? Thanks. TIm
The front end sheetmetal and bumper on the Legend has no adjustment. If the bumper is out of alignment, then the front has been hit. The "gap" problem, esp where the cover attaches to the front of the fender could be due to a broken or loose bumper slide. In order to inspect, the bumper assy must be removed. Remove several of the lower bolts retaining the splash shields to the bumper cover. You will need to remove the foglamp covers to remove the vertical phillips screws which are holding the bumper turn signal to the cover. One screw for ea turn signal lamp assy. Each screw is inboard toward the license plate bracket and must be located "by feel" accessed through the hole. The screw has a retainer and will not drop out. You then shift the turn signal lamp housing outboard. Behind each turn signal assy is another bolt. There are also several 10mm bolts located in the under lip of the cover which attach the lower portion of the cover to the radiator support. An assistant (to hold the assy while you remove the 4 12mm? bolts) would be useful. If you find the slides to be intact, then the problem becomes one of diagnosing a damaged (bent) bumper beam or one or both of the support(s)/stay(s). Any of these being damaged probably requires a slight pull via a frame machine in order to bring the radiator support back into spec.
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