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TYPE 2 COOLANT New and Improved

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How many liters or U.S. gallons do I need to do a complete flush of the original coolant and replace it with the new and improved TYPE 2 coolant?
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GSteg said:
the mixing depends on the environment you're in.

in hotter climate, i would rather use 30% coolant and 70% water.

In super extreme hot temperature (like death valley hot), I would use pure water with RedLine WaterWetter.
That might not be such a good idea. Coolant is more than just something that stops water from freezing, and thus cracking the block. It is also designed to prevent corrosion in the cooling system, something that's very important in an aluminum alloy engine. Finally, a misture of coolant and water boils at a higher temp than just water, something that can help on a very hot day with a heavy load.
or you can do the drain and fill with clean water for about three times, then drain and add the non-pre-mixed Honda coolant, one gallon. You'll end up with approx 50 50 mix.

As well, the repeated drainings, with the engine running in between, will flush out almost all the old coolant.

And then, you can do it Hotstartup's way....
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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