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TYPE 2 COOLANT New and Improved

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How many liters or U.S. gallons do I need to do a complete flush of the original coolant and replace it with the new and improved TYPE 2 coolant?
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Honda offers 2 different types of coolants. They have the original and the new Type 2.

Type 2 on the left and original on the right

Type 2 on the left and original on the right

I want to flush my system and replace it with the Type 2. The Type 2 is only sold in 3.78 liter (1 US gallon) containers and is already mixed. In Canada it costs $14.18 each. That means if the Legend holds 2.3 gallons, I will have to buy 3 containers which end up costing $48.92 including the tax. That's not cheap. I have heard the Peak is the oem supplier for Honda. I'm going to check out what they offer and prices.
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There are too many opinions about this subject and I don't have any concrete information. I called Honda Canada today and the representative said use only the original one (green) or it may damage the seals and gaskets, mind you he thought that Type 2 was made by an aftermarket company- not Honda. I may have to call again and speak with another more informed representative. I called an Acura dealer and the parts manager also said use the green one. I called another Acura dealer and they said they have only been using Type 2 since it came out. He also said that there was a service bulletin issued about it. I don't have the number of that Bulletin yet.

I called Peak and they said that they package the oem stuff for Honda.
They recommend PEAK® Global Extended Life. Here are the specifications:

PEAK® Global Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant features a patented, advanced organic acid technology that can be used in all automobiles worldwide, regardless of make, model, year or original antifreeze color. Its patented inhibitors provide maximum cooling system protection against damaging rust and corrosion in all automobiles. PEAK Global Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant is fully compatible with all quality conventional and new extended life automotive coolants, including GM DEX-COOL® and new Ford and Chrysler coolants.

Formulated for use in all American, Asian and European automobiles

Can be used to top-off any color of automotive antifreeze including green, yellow, orange, fuschia, blue and red

Amber color will not change the current antifreeze color when used for topping off

Provides 150,000 miles or 5 years of maximum protection when a complete cooling system flush and fill is performed

Features a patented formula that is phosphate-free

Recommended For Automobiles With The Following Antifreeze Specifications:
ANFOR 15-601 (France)
BS 6580 (British Standard)
Chrysler MS7170
Chrysler MS9769
Ford ESE-M97B44-A
Ford WSS-M97B44-D
Ford WSS-M97B51-A1
FVV HEFT R443 (Germany)
GM 1825M
GM 6277M (DEX-COOL® Spec)
JASO M325 (Japan)
JIS K 2234 (Japan)
SAE J1034
Mercedes Benz DBL 7700
Meets ASTM D-3306
Meets ASTM D-4340

Research still in progress.
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imaginasian vboy said:
this coolant is believe to last upto 60k miles instead of the 30k.
The original coolant is good for 3 years /72,000km (45,000 miles) and the Type 2 is good for 5 years 100,000 km (60,000 miles) according to the bottle label.

imaginasian vboy said:
The type II coolant bottle was also a grey color instead of the black one shown.
In the US the packaging is different than Canada. It;sgrey in the US and black in Canada even though the Canadian version is imported from the US.

imaginasian vboy said:
The honda dealer where i got it at also said they didn't make any 100% coolant anymore. They only offer the premixed 50/50. I don't know if this is true or not, just what i was told.
The Type 2 come mixed 50/50. The original is not mixed.
VegasGS said:
Correct me if I am wrong, u can drain one gallon of coolant from the radiator at a time. Becuase, the other gallon or so is still in the engine block, h2o pump...etc. My mechanic told me I can drain the radiator this week and drain that again next week or so.
There are 2 different procedures. You can drain and refill the radiator and only get out maybe a gallon or you can do a complete flush and then you will need 8.7 liters /2.3 US gallons.
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