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Type II swap?

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I'm currently wondering if I should make my '92 a hybrid. There's a 30 hp gain, but that's also at a higher rpm, plus there's like a 10 ft/lb drop in torque. Does the Type II drop off low-end for more high-end gains? Just wondering... also will all of my mods (intake, exhaust, etc.) still be applicable, or will I have to change anything?
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ITs worth it!
All your mods will work...I am running my same exhaust, and CAI with the new Throttle body WITH TCS.

No problems here..check my sig link for more pics.

4 lbs tq? Please, you will NOT know its gone! Plus, the car BREATHES so much better.....the first thing you will notice is your intake/CAI is more audible. Best mod yet...well, next to these headers and SC from DV8 :D
What did you have to do to make the type two work properly? Did you have to swap the computer?
How many things did you have to change? I'm thinking of doing this myself, and it looks like your they guy to talk to. Approx price?
Any help would be great!
if you have to do an engine rehaul then do it. if your engines fine dont bother.

power gain? not as big as it seems-i was still running close to the same 1/4 mile times before.

were youll see the differences, is when you start to open up the breathing process.

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