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typical abs behavior???????

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Just wondering if anyone else experiences the feel of some sort of tapping or knocking underneath your brake pedal during hard brakingover bumps. And if anyone else has experienced it, or know what I'm talknig about, please share.........thanx
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No, I believe that would be a pulsating feeling in the pedal. What I'm speaking of is a kind of a hard knocking
Me too

I get it too, and it is annoying as hell. I dont know what it is. I asked before and they said it was the abs system activating, but the way it knocks and clicks can't be natural. Maybe its the rotors, but I have had mine checked and nothing was wrong with them.

The only feeling you are really going to get throught the brake pedal specifically when the ABS engages is the same vibration from the brakes pulsing asyou are hearing. You won't feel the pedal actually moving under your foot (that I can remember). Yes, ABS, when active, is an annoying, repetative, creaking noise.
Its a lil worse than annoying, almost scary. Like spmething is knocking ur brake pedal as u are prssing it, but its deffinately not a light pulsating feeling. And it only happens over bumps
if it feels like the the pedal is creaking and almost like it wants to come back up, i get that too. i have no idea what is wrong with mine either. No ABS lights come on or anything. ust the regular start up test light. anyone else have any ideas?
Wheel sensors when beginning to fail sometimes drop their signal at low speeds, causing the computer to interpret a locked up wheel. If you are braking and hit a bump causing the wheel to lose contact with the ground, then ABS may engage. If you think this is not the case, you may have a sensor going bad. Why no ABS light you ask? Because as far as the computer is concerned, a locked up wheel is just another piece of data it uses to make decisions, and not really a problem to report via an MIL light.
Searchin4acoupe said:
You won't feel the pedal actually moving under your foot (that I can remember)
Pedal vibrates quite a lot during ABS activation. If you want to know what ABS is supposed to feel like, drive down a smooth hill in the rain and lock up your brakes. Then compare that to what you are describing.
are there 4 sensors for each wheel or just one. and if theres 4, is there any way to figue out which one might be failing?
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